Dog Door Knockers

An esquisit range of pedigree door knockers. The pedigree door knocker collection has taken over a decade to develop and create. Each pedigree breed has been recreated by our master sculpters with stunning precision, acuracy and life likeness. Our photography can not do justice to the detail and striking appearance of this unique range of door knockers. Each pedigree door knocker is supplied with a free fixing pack which can accomodate either wood or upvc doors of varying thicknesses. The striker or beater is made from heavy duty cast brass finished with a period antique bronze effect. Undoubtedly your pedigree door knocker will be admired and adored by all those visiting your home, and is sure to be the first topic of conversation. If your pedigree breed is not available be sure to let us know, we are constantly updating and adding to our bespoke range, and always looking for new additions.
dog door knocker

West Highland Terrier Door Knocker

Alert, fun loving and loyal are just a few words which summarise why the Westie is such a fantastically popular breed. With a remarkably tough coat, adorable charm and an infatuation with digging, the Westie is an independent and loyal breed.

We have painstakingly sculpted each and every feature of the Westie to bring you our warm bronze Westie Door knocker, complete with bronze beater and striker plate. Each West Highland Terrier door beater is also supplied with a free fixing pack, which is suitable for wood or UPVC doors.


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West Highland Terrier Door Knocker

Boxer Door Knocker

A vigilant watchdog with an enthusiastic and energetic welcome, the boxer is an adoring and devoted member of the family.

The Boxer Door Knocker is one of the most popular within the range and we often receive comments that our sculptors really captured that innocent expression which owners know and love.

Supplied with fixing pack and knocker plate, each door knocker is easily fitted and makes a welcome change to the all to irritating buzzer!


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Boxer Door Beater

Jack Russell

A terrier by nature, the Jack Russell has an endless zest and energy for life, predominately a hunting dog the Jack Russell is keen to learn and easy to train.

Each Door Beater is supplied with free fixing pack suitable for both wood and UPVC doors, making installation trouble free!

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Door Knocker Jack Russel

Akita Door Knocker


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Antique Akita Door Knocker



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Unusual Bloodhound gift