Labrador Gifts

Labrador Gifts
The Labrador, one of the most loved and adored breeds throughout the world. Known for its caring nature, devotion to its owner and the ability to play with children for hours on end, the Labrador is certainly mans best friend!
To honour the breed, we’ve lovingly created a range of Labrador gifts, containing a mixture of both practical and decorative products, which are all crafted to the superior standards we’re best known for. Most of our Labrador gifts are available with an engraved plaque, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to personalise a Labrador gift for a friend or family member.

Labrador Lead Holder

A beautiful gift, perfect for all Labrador lovers!

The high detail bronze casting of the Labrador head is mounted on a dark hardwood plinth, featuring a solid brass hook specially treated to give a bronze effect.

The lead holder is also supplied with a brass plate, perfect for engraving and personalizing your Labrador gift.


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Labrador Dog Lead Holder Gift
Labrador Personalised Gifts

Labrador Trophy Bust

The Labrador Trophy bust is the perfect prize or token to recognise outstanding achievement, typically used by various Labrador associations during their annual competitions.

The Trophy bust is supplied with a polished brass plate which can be engraved for personalisation.

Height: 130mm – 150mm approx.


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Labrador Door Stop

The Labrador door stop is heavy duty and solid cast ensuring ‘that annoying door’ refrains from constantly closing!

Completed in a warm bronze finish, the door stop features a beautifully detailed sculpture of a Labrador perfect for any Labrador enthusiasts.

Weight: 2.5kgs approx.
Height: 252mm, width: 160mm, depth: 110mm approximately.
Weight: 2.5kgs approx.


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Labrador Door Stop
Beware Of The Labrador Sign

Beware Of The Labrador

Superior quality solid Brass cast “Be Aware Of The Labrador” Sign, supplied with brass screws and raw plugs, for easy installation.

Width: 171mm, height: 51mm approximately


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Labrador House Name

The Labrador house name is something beautifully different! Cast in a warm bronze finish featuring a high detailed sculpture of a Labrador, the house name sign is finished with complimenting solid brass cast letters.

Each house name sign can be used for all names up to 17 characters. After ordering simply email us here with your house name requirements.

Each sign is supplied with free screws and raw plugs.



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Labrador House Name Gift
Labrador Sign Gift

Hand Painted Labrador Number Sign

For those looking for a colourful and vibrant alternative to the ever so dull brass house signs which are seen on every other house in the street.

If you’re looking for something bold, warm and welcoming the labrador house number sign is perfect.

Each sign can accommodate up the three number adresses, including letters ie. 1a

Just email here after purchase and tell us your number!

Available in a gift box upon request.

23cm high, 28cm wide.


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Labrador Trophy Plaque Gift



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Labrador Trophy Gifts
Labrador Treat Jar Gifts

Labrador Treat Gift Jar

The Labrador treat jar is perfect for keeping your best friends treats fresh and out of sight, although if your Labrador is true to form, it won’t take long until one lift of the lid and he’ll come bounding in!

Finished to an unprecedented standard, in our adored bronze finish.

27cm high, 10cm wide.


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Labrador Door Knocker

Looking for something a little special? The labrador door knocker is the perfect gift.

Featuring our high detail Labrador head and solid brass knocker and striker plate finished in a warm bronze enamel paint, this is designed to look beautiful on either wood or UPVC doors.

Each door knocker is supplied with a free installation pack.


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Labrador Door Knocker Gifts
Labrador Gift Walking Stick

Labrador Decorative Walking Stick

Not suitable for people with walking disabilities.


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Labrador Bronze Oval House Number



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Labrador Present House Sign