Westie Gifts

Westie Gifts
The west highland terrier or westie as they’re often called needs very little introduction, being one of the most popular breeds used in television commercials, there popularity is huge.

It’s always important to remember that the westie is a terrier at heart, originally breed for hunting the breed is anything but a dosile lapdog.

The westie is alert, energetic, confident and stead fast, despite common misconception! To honour one of our Oat popular breeds we have painstakliny created a superior collectio of hand sculpted westie gifts.

Westie Door Knocker

Our delightful Westie door knocker is undoubtedly one our most popular products. It’s not hard to see why when you see the adorably expressive face captured so brilliantly by our master sculptor.

The door knocker is supplied with free fixing pack, which can be used to install on both UPVC and wooden doors, making this a unique and trouble free gift!


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Westie Door Knocker Gifts
Westie Dog Lead Holder

Westie Dog Lead Holder Gift

Our next Westie gift, is the ever so practical Lead Holder. With the Westie’s energetic terrier history it will come as no surprise that the lead is permanently in and out of the cupboard. Why not store the lead in style!

The lead holder features a dark hardwood plinth mounted with our solid cast bronze west highland terrier head, the lead holder hook is made from solid brass ( for strength and durability) and finished with a bronzing effect.


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Westie Door Stop

If you’re looking for something a little unusual, our Westie door stop is the perfect gift.

A combination of our highly skilled craftsmen and our unique warm bronze finish have created something totally different but very adorable.

Weight: 2.5kgs approx.
Height: 252mm, width: 160mm, depth: 110mm approximately.
Weight: 2.5kgs approx.


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Westie Door Stop
Westie Key Holder Gift

Westie Gift Key Holder

If your Westie with it’s terrier heritage is as energetic as most, you’re well versed in the routine of frequent walks. So Avoid loosing your keys again, with our adorable westie key rack.

Each hook used is solid brass to ensure maximum durability and the rear of the key holder features an easy to use fixing point.

If you’re looking for an aire of practicallity, our key holder is perfect!


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Bronze Westie Bust



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Westie Gifts
Westie House Name Present

Bronze Westie House Name Gift



[wp_cart:Bronze Westie House Name Sign inc Name:price:79.99:end]

Westie Gift Clocks

Never loose track of time again, with our round faced westie clock. Available with a free engravible brass plate upon request and easy rear fixing point.

A great gift for any westie lover who needs a little help time keeping and let’s face it, who doesn’t!



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Personalised Westie Gift Clocks
Westie House Number Gift

Westie Gift Clock



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Hand Painted Westie House Number Gift



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Painted Westie House Number Sign Present
Westie Gifts Walking Stick

Westie Decorative English Pewter Walking Stick

Not suitable for people with walking disabilities.


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